Yona Yona Penguin Movie Debuts At Jurong Bird Park!

Miss the nostalgia and magic of an outdoor movie? Take a journey down memory lane with friends at Jurong Bird Park on 27 February and become within the first island-wide to trap this film. Debuting in Singapore, Jurong Bird Park will probably be screening Yona Yona Penguin with the Pools Amphitheatre for a special one-evening only preview.

Directed by Japanese animator Rintaro, director of Metropolis, Yona Yona Penguin is a Japanese animated movie with English subtitles in regards to the amazing adventures of Coco, a smaller girl using a penguin coat, as she journeys by having a realm of fantasy and magic in order to save her friends from the Emperor of the Dark. Join her and her friends on this heart-warming tale where they discover friendship and courage the very first time in their lives. Having been represented at various film festivals in Venice, Spain, Tokyo and Bangkok, this can be a movie that the young and old will enjoy!

From 6.30pm onwards, guests watching Yona Yona Penguin is going to be able to get up near to a colourful assortment of feathered friends in the Bird Park while they thrill visitors making use of their antics, and find out about them as well as their diet using their keepers, who’ll bring them out for a special evening.

While here, make sure to visit some endearing tuxedoed friends at Penguin Expedition. Occupying 1,630 square metres, Penguin Expedition hosts five species of penguins, namely the Humboldt, the Rockhopper, the Macaroni, the Fairy and also the majestic King Penguin. A 30-metre long viewing gallery provides ample opportunities to get a panoramic take a look at these fascinating birds since they ?fly? underwater.

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Movie preview details

Date : 27 February 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 7.45 pm (88 minutes)
Venue : Jurong Bird Park (Pools Amphitheatre)
Show only : S$8 (adult/child) applies Guests can enter in the Bird Park from 6.30pm onwards
Admission & Show : S$22 (adult) and S$16 (child) [U.P. admission S$18 (adult) and S$9 (child)]

Group Bookings (minimum 30 pax)

Show only : S$6 (adult/child) applies Guests can enter the Bird Park from 6.30pm onwards
Admission & Show : S$20 (adult) and S$15 (child) [U.P. admission S$18 (adult) and S$9 (child)]

Yona Yona Penguin Characters ? 2009 Rintaro + Madhouse / Yona Yona Penguin Film Partners + DFP